Philip Pierce - Software Developer, C#, Unity, Android, iOS, VR, AR
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Philip Pierce - Game Developer, Unity Developer, VR Developer, Mobile Game Developer
I am a software developer with over twenty years experience engineering and developing enterprise level applications: server, web, mobile, and desktop.

My background also includes game development for mobile, PC, and consoles, along with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games.

I have certificates from several top universities (such as Stanford) in A.I., cryptography, and robotics.

I am a frequent hackathon participant, and have won several regional and nationwide events.
Mobile games demo for Philip Pierce
Software Developer
23 years
Game Developer
21 years
Windows Desktop Developer
21 years
C# Developer
14 years
Unity Developer
8 years
Mobile - Android, iOS, WP8
9 years
Web Developer
17 years
Azure Machine Learning
2 years
Machine Learning A.I.
17 years
Testimonial: We needed some very special AI created for our upcoming game. Philip had great ideas of how to overcome some difficult obstacles, and created a far better AI than we asked. - BC Games - Bryant
Testimonial: We needed an outside expert who was already familiar with technologies new to us and also new within the B2B sector. Philip’s experience and development abilities were apparent and the choice to bring him onboard was an easy one. - Rival Schools - Malcolm Overend


  •     Winner – Best Mobile App[CR]AT&T Developer Summit, Las Vegas (Out of 750 developers)
  •     Runner-up – Best Windows 8 App[CR]PayPal Battlehack, Miami
  •     Android Developer Challenge Winner[CR]Productivity Tools
  •     Designed and developed the Inventory Management System for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which tracks all parts used in the production & maintenance of the airplane.
  •     Designed and developed the internal security system for a new Verizon hardware testing facility.
  •     Lead developer of Temple Run 2, with over 1 Billion downloads
  •     Rail Rush arcade game, featured at Disney hotels
  •     Licensed Console Developer: Xbox 360 / Xbox One, PS3, Nintendo Wii U
  •     Contracted by Google to design and develop Developer Demo Apps for Project Tango devices
  •     Advanced AI Certificate from Stanford University
  •     Programming a Robotic Car from Stanford University
  •     Applied Cryptography Certificate from Stanford University
Testimonial: I hired Philip to develop game software which would need complex server coding to allow different platforms to be compatible with one another, this is something Philip built from the ground up. - 40APM Studios - Matt Peterson

Tech Skills

Software Development
  • C# and .NET (to 5.0)
  • ASP.NET & MVC (to 4.5)
  • ASP.NET vNext
  • Microsoft Azure
  • LINQ to Objects / SQL / XML
  • SQL Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016
  • Azure SQL
  • Server Side Applications
  • Windows Services
  • Angular JS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Knockout.js
  • jQuery
  • NoSQL (MongoDB / RavenDB)
  • REST Services
  • JSON
Mobile and Other Skills
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Windows Phone Developer
  • Windows 10 Universal Apps
  • Xamarin
  • Distributed Applications
  • Multi-Threading
  • High Performance Applications
  • C# Performance Optimizations
  • Microcontrollers
  • Robotics
Game Development
  • Unity 3D
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Mobile / Console / Desktop Games
  • VR Systems - Oculus Rift, Kinect, Leap Motion
  • AR (Augemented Reality) (Vuforia, etc)
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Virtual Environments
  • Simulations
  • 3D Training and Immersion Training
  • UGUI
  • Unity Networking / TNET / Photon
Testimonial: We are grateful for Philip's efforts and his contributions to our project. We were coming up against some pretty significant deadlines, but Philip skill and creativity allowed us to deliver our finished product ahead of schedule. I look forward to working with him again. - Creative Pack - Ethan

Technical Books

Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook
Technical Editor
Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook
ISBN: 1849697647
NGUI for Unity
Technical Editor
NGUI for Unity
ISBN: 1783558660
Learning NGUI for Unity
Technical Editor
Learning NGUI for Unity
ISBN: 1783552972
C# Multithreaded and Parallel Programming
Technical Editor
C# Multithreaded and Parallel Programming
ISBN: 184968832X
Testimonial: I would like to recommend Philip to work at any organization, he is dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious and honest. - MarkMeets IT Services - Dan Dunn
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